Hi Sue:  I'd started this page when Cindy & Joyce were going to be making site updates.  Don't know if it will be useful for you or not...

I'm going to keep a list of things we still need to cover with tutorials here. Feel free to add items of your own.

  1. Blog tasks
    • show Joyce how to change blog post "author"
    • show Joyce how to use "excerpt" feature*
      • important to know because used on Community Directory, and
      • it's good to use on longer Out There blog posts 
        • uses less room on the main page (more posts show)
        • automatically generates a "READ MORE" link after the excerpt
  2. Community directory items
  • at this time there are 12 broad Categories and many Tags to help us organize listings logically
  • better to NOT add new Categories unless you're sure it's truly a broad and useful one!
  • it's FINE, however, to add new Tags
    • (if there's a new listing for someone who makes LGBTQ dolls, they would get assigned the Category "LGBTQ Products" and maybe a new Tag "toys")
  • you can see the full list of Categories and Tags on the left sidebar of the Community Directory page
  • show Joyce / Cindy where to find "Detailed Directory" back page (this "pipes" listings TO the public Community Directory page -- similar to how EVENTS work)
  • each Directory listing is actually an individual blog post!
    • each listing (blog post) gets assigned one and only one broad CATEGORY (e.g. "Lodging" "Weddings" "Local LGBTQ"), and
    • each listing (blog post) gets assigned one or more TAGS (e.g. "meetings" "bisexual" "transgender"). It's fine to add as many Tags as necessary. (Tags help people find listings with the topic they are looking for.)
    • each listing gets a name (individual or biz or org or group name, e.g. Reverend Joy Burke)
    • each listing can get descriptive text (address, phone, email link, web link and more)
    • TASK to learn: edit a listing (text content, Category, Tags, Author)
    • TASK to learn: add a new listing
    • Brucie has decided that YES we can add photos to Community Directory! So I can show you that as well.
  • I've set up 12 areas on the main Community Directory page to "receive" the "piped" listings from the back page.

(12 areas because 1 area for each of the 12 Categories. Thi s is another reason NOT to add new Categories. If you do, I'll have to add a new "receive" area for it.)

  • having said not to add new Categories too readily, I can think of some Categories we may want at some point: Artists & Writers; Sex Products

add your requests or questions here!

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