Oakwise Mental Health Counseling PLLC

 People seek counseling services for a variety of reasons. Some want help to resolve an immediate problem in their lives and move on; others look for an ongoing conversation to help them deal with problems that may defy a quick solution. Some of the areas with which Oakwise Counseling can assist you are Addiction, Adjustment and Healing, Identity, and Mental Health.  Contact us at: Oakwise Mental Health, 333 Glen Street Suite 200E, Glens Falls NY 12810  Phone: 518-490-9473  Email: bryan@oakwisecounseling.com


Whether connected to a substance or a behavior, addictions can create some of the most difficult experiences in our lives; often it can be hard to even know where to begin. Fear of labels, embarrassment, and having to “do it someone else’s way” can prevent many people from even starting.

When we work to support your freedom from an addiction, we develop a plan and an approach that supports you and the life you are working toward. There are a variety of resources in the community that can help us meet your personal needs and help you find your own sobriety. Through a holistic re-balancing we identify the changes that will ensure you get your life back.

Adjustment and Healing
Dealing with day-to-day life can be very difficult. When trauma, grief, and suffering are added it can seem impossible to move forward. By developing a program that is supportive of all aspects of your life we are able to improve your resilience; you can find your voice to express yourself and be heard in a way that allows healing to begin on an emotional and spiritual level.

Finding who you are can be challenging. Developing a sense of self is important for tapping into a life that you find worth living. We can work together to explore your personal needs and preferences in relationship with yourself and others; this gives you the best chance at finding peace in a variety of areas including your sexuality, relationships, and self-esteem. By creating a non-judgmental stance with yourself, you can then be who you really are.

Mental Health
The idea that mental health can be “poor” carries a lot of stigma and keeps many people who might need support from getting the help they need. Sometimes this leads to self-medication through drugs or alcohol, and other times it leaves you feeling like you have no choice but to hide or ignore the pain you are feeling. By learning what you need to break free from the mental and emotional pain you feel, you may be able to reclaim your life. We can work together to create a plan for improving your self care to reduce the impact that mental health symptoms can have. We can find the best resources and tools so that you can live a balanced and more stable life.